With the Right Doctor, You Will Not Be Having These Risks After Eyelid Surgery

Face surgery on the face is no longer an act that is avoided by some people. Some people even choose to do so. The part of the face that is usually chosen for surgery is the eyelid. Eyelid surgery is usually performed by those who experience a decrease and eye bags are very thick. To perform this action usually the doctor will perform an action called Blepharoplasty, this action can not be done by everyone. One can do is dr william portuese. You can perform surgery with him who has been certified in his field.

This operation is usually performed by those aged 35 years or older. In fact, anyone can perform this action while in good condition and clearly understand the benefits and risks. However, just like any other action, this operation also has risks. Possible risks to be experienced are
• Infection
• Dry eyes
• Changed eyelid color
• Can not close the eyes

For that, for those who will take this action to really find the right and professional doctor.