Unique Traditional Ceremony in South Tangerang

South Tangerang area is a division of Tangerang region. South Tangerang region itself is also known as a dense area with its inhabitants. To find out more about Tangerang Selatan, you can visit http://www.tangselone.com website.

Terapi from that, South Tangerang we can find some unique traditional ceremonies that are often done by the people of South Tangerang. Here’s the review!

1. Earth Charity
Earth Charity in South Tangerang is usually done by the farmers who are enjoying the successful harvest. Earth alms is done as an expression of gratitude and thanks to the Creator where the people of South Tangerang have been blessed with abundant crops. Earth’s charity is usually led by customary leaders to then proceed with a prayer event and ends with a people’s party by presenting various kinds of local artistry.

2. Yalil
Yalil in Tangerang known by the term Open Doors at their wedding ceremony in South Tangerang known Yalil custom which is almost similar just different naming it. Yalil is a ceremony of receiving the bridegroom by the bride where the bride will enter the house and close the door. The bridal party will go to the bride’s house where the bride will open the door of the house for her as a symbol that the bridegroom is received sincerely by the bride.