Understanding War Movies

War movies here are not just wars that occurred in the past such as World War I or World War II but the films are made by involving the battle of two camps who fighting over something or for the sake of maintaining the truth, of course, made colossally both CGI or by actually involving extras colossally.

Themes explored include survival, fighting, and escape, futility, sacrifice, and brutality of combat, the impact of war on society, and morale and human problems raised by war. War movies are usually described by their environment, such as the Korean War and The Second World War. Stories told can be fiction, historical drama, or biography. Critics have noted the similarities between Western film and war

Differences in war and colossal films The difference between the two is quite visible only when viewed from what part of the battle scene takes place, how much impact on the whole storyline because when viewed only from the scene of the war will look the same, both using many people, the same combat scenes. Watch war movies on bioskop online.