Understanding of Dental Abscess

Tooth abscess is the forming of a pouch or lump containing pus on the tooth caused by a bacterial infection. Tooth abscess usually appears on the root tip of the tooth (periapical abscess). Bacterial infections that cause tooth abscess generally occur in people with poor hygiene and dental hygiene. The pineapple that collects on the lump, will gradually increase in pain. Immediately visit website of dentist marietta to get the best treatment for your dental disease.

This disease can be prevented by brushing your teeth regularly or cleaning your teeth with dental floss. You should routinely check your teeth to the dentist to avoid the occurrence of damage and abscess teeth. Some of the symptoms that are usually felt by people with a dental abscess are:

– Swelling of the face or cheeks.
– Severe and pulsating pain in the teeth, which can spread to the jawbone, neck, or ears.
– Lymph nodes under the jaw or in the neck swell and feel pain.
– When the lump of an abscess breaks, it suddenly smells bad from the inside of the mouth, and the tongue tastes the rotten taste, and the salty liquid appears in the mouth.