These are Three Characteristics That Signify That Your Body Resistance Is Down

Everyone must have a different immune system. Everyone even has their own way to increase their endurance. Many people take herbs to increase their immune system. You can also get it at soman. with the appropriate herbal remedies, then your immune system will be better.

There are several traits that show that your immune system is weakening or even decreasing, like

1. Weight Loss Weight
Overweight can cause hormone imbalance, inflammation, and disrupt the body’s resistance to infection.

2. Stress In Old Time
Stress for a long time can weaken your immune response because the body can not produce immune well.

3. Consumption of Too Much Sugar
Five hours after consuming 100 grams of sugar, then the ability of white blood cells in the fight against germs will drop drastically.

4. Not enough drinking
The body needs a lot of water to remove toxins. Every person’s drinking needs vary, depending on the condition of the body and their respective activities. How to tell if we have enough or not to drink is to see the color of urine. Good urine is a clear color.