The simple tips for cleaning your carpet

A vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning the carpet. A vacuum cleaner is no stranger to hear in our ears because there are so many who use. Usually, not only on the carpet, a vacuum cleaner is often used to clean the floor. Vacuum cleaner sucks the dust of dust on the carpet, and dirt like dirt paper, plastic and so on. How to use it is also quite easy. Try when using this method, it is good to use at the end of activity or beginning of the activity. For example at night or in the morning. In order not to disturb people who are in the house especially who was relaxing on the carpet. However, if the stain and the smell have become too hard for you to handle, just visit and hire the professionals instead.

Tips that one is a very obligatory for carpet owners. The old carpet is used, although it looks clean if it is never washed will be quickly damaged and dull. This one way is the absolute most for carpet owners. One excellent treatment is to wash it regularly. In addition to our clean carpets, the carpet will be durable when routine maintenance by the owner. Do it this way with a period of at least once a month.

Salt is a kitchen material made for flavoring cooking. Salt can also be used to clean the carpet. The trick is very easy. Mix salt in warm water and place on carpets exposed to dirt or stain spots. Then brush the part, and the old dirt will disappear as a result of salt water. Do not forget to rinse with fragrant soap, so that the carpets we have smell it when washed. (read also