The authenticity of the Quran words and its Arabic

One of the factors that make the authenticity of the Quranic language awake is its complex, detailed, and comprehensive grammatical system. Where there are standard formulas, systematic classification, and the full explanation of every use and meaning of Arabic letters, words and sentences. Then the law of speech, position and the relationship between words in a sentence, the rules of word formation, the characteristics of the word scales (wazan), and the rules of the word change. This makes the use of Arabic the same and unchanged in various places and times. In the meantime, you can visit to learn Arabic from the professionals.

One of the researchers at the Arab Language Majlis, Professor Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah recounted, “Arabic language in medieval times became the language of philosophy, medicine, and various other disciplines. In fact, he became the language most widely used by the academics of the world at that time. In the year 1207 AD, established Arabic-language academic institutions in Southern Europe which has many religious students from European countries. Then in the seventeenth century, the countries of Eastern Europe and the North lit up the Arabic teaching movement in their respective countries. In AD 1636, the Swedish government instituted an Arabic language curriculum on its national education. Followed by Russia is very active in studying the science of the eastern and Arab countries, especially in an age that sends 50 Russian students to the country of Islam to learn various sciences. Until the year 1769M Queen Katrina instructs the obligation to learn Arabic language at all University of Russia and year 1816M founded Department of Bible Language at the University of Petrograd Russia.