Share the progress of your fundraising program

There are so many ways that you can try in order to convince people to donate to your non-profit organization. However, people tend to become harder and harder to be convinced, due to some methods have become too old to be used anymore. It happens because of the sheer numbers of fake fundraising programs on the internet, so you need to work harder in order to gain donations these days. Aside from finding great online fundraising ideas, you also need to show the progress of your programs to the people, so they will trust your non-profit organization a lot easier.

Showing the numbers of the progress is critical. People are preferring the exact data of what happens in the field which is being affected by their donations. For example, if your program is about helping the homeless to find the suitable job, then you might want to show them how many people that have been helped by your program in the last several years. The more homeless people that you’ve helped, the bigger the reason for the people to trust your organization. However, you should never fake any of the proof of your progress, or some of the donators might bring the matter to the court.

Furthermore, you also need to show them the genuine proof of your donation program. Showing some photos and videos about your foundation charity on its official website can be quite useful. It will be even more convincing if the photos and videos that show the progress are being updated regularly. This way, people will always trust your organization, and they believe that their donations have reached the people who need the help. This way, the donators might want to share the info and the good reputation of your organization, thus, increasing the potential numbers of more donators in the near future.