Secret Tricks to Fix Accents and English Pronunciation!

How the hell ways to speak English like native speakers? All that may happen, provided there are will and perseverance. In addition, you can follow the English lessons in a trusted place like you can find on Apart from that, here are some ways to improve your speaking skills, especially in terms of English accents and pronunciations!

1. Record the voice of a native speaker who speaks in normal time, then transcripts. When you’re done, try playing back, listen to the first sentence, pause, then mock. In this phase, you can see transcripts as references. Pay close attention to how the speakers speak. Starting from intonation, pronunciation, and so on. Do it this way for the next sentences.

2. Video or podcast. A lot of listening will be helpful. Try to remember slowly how you can talk process. When you were little, you heard a lot of other people talking a variety of words. Well, that’s where you start imitating exactly from the intonation, the tone, and so on. Slowly, form your accent as it is now.

3. Find the model. You can try to find a figure that you make a role model. Impersonate how the person speaks, uttering a word per word. For example, your idol artist. Watch the movie or interview session, listen carefully to the pronunciation, dialect, intonation, and so on. Do not forget to observe the movement of his mouth.