Reasons DC is being left behind by Marvel in Cinema

The Marvel and DC have competed against each other for many decades, and right now, Marvel is the one which is currently holding the lead in the Hollywood movie industry So many people have said that the Marvel movies aren’t staying true enough to the original comics. However, this is actually giving the producers, actors, directors to have the more flexible ways to bring the story of the movies. You can watch DC and Marvel movies online by visiting with high-quality.

On the other hand, DC tries to stay true with the original story. However, the way they’ve delivered it in the Batman VS Superman movie isn’t quite good. The story is a bit vague, and don’t mention the lack of action. People don’t like to see hours of talking while the long awaited fighting scene only lasts for several minutes. This time, Marvel holds the number one position as the best super heroes movies company. Let’s just hope that the next DC movies will be able to compete with Marvel’s so we will get more exciting super hero movies to watch.