Our Seas Are Valuable, Still Want to Throw Trash There

We must know that the sea has many benefits for our lives. We must also know that the waste in the sea is so much that we must realize that what we are doing to dump garbage in the sea is a big mistake. Especially, plastic waste is very long to be decomposed. Learn more about the case, you can read at http://www.kompasiana.com/mariahardayanto/5a245b40d14aeb39355c58b2/bersama-kita-bisa-atasi-masalah-sampah-di-lautan, and you should begin to realize that the sea is not the right place to throw your garbage. You still want your children and grandchildren to enjoy the beauty of this nature, right?

with the amount of garbage in the sea, the species that live in it will also get the result, many marine mammals that accidentally swallow our plastic waste that eventually causes the mammal to die. The real example we can see is the death of a whale found on the island of Sotra, Norway. Unfortunately, the animal died because there is 30 plastic garbage that is in the stomach. The discovery of plastic in the abdomen of marine mammals is actually not a rarity we encounter. Often found sea life eating so much plastic because it is thought of a jellyfish.
So, how many dead mammals to make us realize that the sea is precious?