Off grid power source is more reliable

Using the national power grid is very easy. You don’t have to install it on your own, due to the government official will install it for you. The power will be generated by the national generators that have been operated by the government staffs for years. Unfortunately, this national-scale grid is very fragile as well. You can see in many news about disasters, the people will not be able to have any electricity for days or even weeks after the disaster hits their neighborhood. So it can be a wise decision for you to install the off grid solar system for your own house.

You can expect that the society will go dark for the next days or even weeks after a disaster hits an area. You can also find it hard for the authorities to help the victims, especially for the first 48 hours. Surviving as long as you can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary power to give you access to your day-to-day electronics such as the microwave for cooking, the television to see the news about the disaster, and also the phone to give some news to your relatives or also to call the available help.

So installing the alternative power source that is off the grid can be very beneficial. It’s not illegal, it’s cheaper, and it generates more power for your house. Expect to have 20kWh per year when you’ve installed the 5kw solar system in your house. Don’t worry about using the power during the night as well, it’s because the average house in America with 4-6 people will only use 9kWh a day. You can still use the extra 10kWh that has been stored in the battery bank at night. As for the remnants of the unused electricity will be sent back to the grid in order to prevent the electricity overload in your house.