Know Some Types Of Tents For Outdoor Activities

One of the things to consider when you want to hold an event, especially in open spaces or outdoor activities is a tent. Tents can support your outdoor activities as a shelter from the hot and rainy weather, be it for formal occasions such as weddings, homes, offices, or informal events such as recreational activities and camping. It is important for you to ensure your comfort by purchasing a alps mountaineering lynx 1 while holding a camp with your friends. Tents, in general, have 2 protective layers. Consists of an inner layer made of breathable material and an outer layer made of waterproof/waterproof material. It is intended to overcome the condensation factor due to heat body. So the function of the inner tent of the breathable layer so that the heat can come out, and the waterproof outer layer to keep the water from seeping into the rain.

Flysheet tent is a tent that looks like a scout tent but simpler, without side cover. This type of tent is a support tent that used to function as a meeting room, dining room, or guard post, but rarely used for sleep. This tent is a kind of tent that quite a lot of fans. Although the capacity and strength are not as strong as the scout tents, these dome tents have many advantages that are worth to consider. These tents can be put into the carrier. The tent is relatively lightweight with a weight of 2 – 4 Kg, as well as practical, because fixtures such as pegs, ropes, frames, and tents, are packaged into bags.

Make the tent your second home in the wild. Be a good neighbor with the owner of the next tent. As an additional reference, you should know how to properly wash and care tents.