Do not Hurt Others If You Do not Want to be Hurt

As a human being, as much as possible do not try to hurt the hearts of others, even if that person ever hurt us. A wise person is one who will learn from mistakes, admit, repent, and then try not to commit the same mistakes. Therefore if you find it difficult to do this right now, it would be better if you consulted a therapist like you can find at



Regardless, if you get hurt, then do not you ever reply by hurting others!
If you do not want to be hurt, then do not start bad deeds on others, bad deeds you do that could hurt his feelings. If you feel you have done wrong to your neighbor or friend, immediately apologize for the relationship back to work properly.

If you often do evil to others, then you will get a reply sometime in the future!
You may be happy to be able to do bad things to people you do not like, but remember what you are stocking is what you get. When you do well to people, you will get the same thing even many times, so even with the ugliness. If you do no good to others, believe me, you will get even more pain back.