Cost and Process of Breast Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery belongs to the cosmetic surgery class. This surgery can be done for reconstructive or repair reasons, such as after a mastectomy (breast removal surgery) for breast cancer, but can also be done for beauty reasons.



When you choose a surgeon for breast enlargement surgery, choose who has a long experience. If you choose a surgeon who has 6 years experience in surgery training and at least 3 years experience in plastic surgery, your risk of complications will be small.

Breast implants are used for breast enlargement surgery there are two types, namely saline, and silicon. Usually, planted implants should only be left in the body for 10-15 years. When it reaches the end of the age, the implant must be replaced.

Copy implants are implants that use silicone bags and contain sterile salt water (saline).
Silicone implants are implants that use silicone bags and contain a thickened plastic gel (silicone).
Generally, many women use silicone implants, because it feels more like a real breast than a saline implant. However, silicone implants are more risky to health if the implants are ruptured.

To perform breast enlargement surgery, the cost is certainly not small. How much does it cost to implant a breast implant depending on where it is located, doctor, and also the type of implant used.

Because it is included in cosmetic or beauty care procedures, breast augmentation surgery and also its treatment, including the risk of disease that can arise, is generally not included in the list of health insurance, so the cost becomes expensive.