Check your air conditioner at least once per 3 months

AC that is dirty especially in filter, evaporator and an air conditioner fan will require extra power to achieve ideal cooling condition. For example, if the fan and AC filters are full of dust for example, than you normally use the fan speed 1 should now be a new maximum cool. This will result in unnecessary waste of electricity. Similarly, the outdoor unit, when it is dirty and dusty, heat dissipation will not be maximal so Kompressor more often dies because it is too hot when the room temperature has not been reached. That’s why it’d be a good idea for you to know as a great site for you to hire the finest repair service for AC.

Even if there is smoking in the room, or near a lot of dust or kitchen then the AC must be washed every 2 months. If you live in areas near the beach, we really recommend that you wash the AC with the drinkable water from the rechargeable gallons. Not groundwater or the tap water and washed every 2 months so that the formation of rust due to sea air can be minimized.

Do not forget also Filter AC in the Indoor unit also it can be every 2 weeks once washed because after 2 weeks must have the entire surface of the filter was covered with thin dust.